Student Services

We offer a variety of services and packages for students at different points in their studies and careers. Please feel free to reach out with any remaining questions, and we will get back to you by email or phone.

Career Planning

When you purchase any of our placement packages, we will set up a time to map out your career goals and align your interests with one or more of our partner firms.

Interview Training

Winlink Career Consultants have extensive experience interviewing and being interviewed. They will work with you in person, online or by phone on your resume and make sure you’re ready for any interview question in your target industry.

Internship Placement

We proudly strive to guarantee every student an internship offer, in positions ranging for software engineering to private equity. As a part of our network, we will help you find the perfect part-time or full-time internship opportunity to further your career.

Job Placement

One of the most difficult things to do as an international student in America is get your foot in the door for a full-time job. Our network of partner companies have opened their doors to qualified international students and will work with you to sign the OPT.

Personalized Support

We are happy to speak with you and learn more about how we can meet your recruiting needs. Please feel free to reach out. Students who purchase the Premium Package will have access to individual members of our network and unlimited support from our Chicago office. We will connect you to people in the industries and at the companies about which you want to learn more, so you can figure out exactly what you want to do.